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La Normandie s'ouvre à vous
Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
Château-Gaillard Seine et Nature Arts


Fecit utraque unum

          The two are one

                   This is the motto which sums up the history of Les Andelys.

Les Andelys, a plural name

Composed of two parts, Le Grand Andely and Le Petit Andely, this commune in the Eure department has around 8500 inhabitants.

1793 saw the unification of these two parts definitely named Les Andelys.

Life is pleasant, between nature and culture, season after season, in this Norman town. Les Andelys is a gateway open to the Norman Vexin.

Here the River Seine forms a picturesque bend that has sculpted the dazzling cliffs.


Decouvertes le Petit-Andely Decouvertes Chateau Gaillard Decouvertes Jardin medieval Decouvertes bords de seine


Its symbol of pride is Château-Gaillard. It is standing on the top of a spur and has been showing since the 12th century the strategic importance of Andely, a town rich in its architectural heritage.

This magnificent site, source of inspiration, has always attracted creators and artists.


Decouvertes Musee Poussin Decouverte Remparts Grand-Andely Decouvertes Collegiale Decouverte Collegiale grande verrière


 Welcome to les Andelys, a town which deserves more than a short stay to be fully appreciated!