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Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
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The poets and the writers

Men of letters stayed in Les Andelys, a place of inspiration.

The Poets

Victor Hugo (19th century) stayed with his mistress, Juliette Drouet, at the Hôtel du Grand Cerf that was destroyed in 1940 during the bombing.

Paul Fort (20th century), stayed in a lovely house overlooking the River Seine in Le Petit Andely at the foot of the Château-Gaillard, source of inspiration for one of his poems: ‘La pluie’ (Rain).


Ecrivains Thomas Corneille Ecrivains_maison_sejour_Conan_Doyle Ecrivains Paul Fort Ecrivains_Lawrence d'Arabie

The Writers

Pierre Corneille (17th century), a playwright and Thomas Corneille, a lawyer and also a playwright. The two Corneille brothers married the two Lampérière sisters, the daughters of an Andelysian notable. Thomas lived in Les Andelys and was buried at the side of his wife in the collegiate church.

Thomas Edward Lawrence, alias Lawrence of Arabia (20th century) was an archaeologist. 

He was known as an adventurer. He wrote his memoirs which he called: ‘the seven pillars of wisdom’. He loved the Château-Gaillard that he visited with passion when he was a young man.