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The master glaziers

Our Lady’s collegiate church houses, on its south side, a series of remarkable stained-glass-windows from the 16th century.

 Among these treasures there are two master-glaziers:

Arnoult de Nimègue, from the Netherlands, came to work in Rouen between 1500 and 1512. He was commissioned for many works of art by the churches in Upper Normandy, like the Virgin windows, for our collegiate church.

Romain Buron was trained in the Family Le Prince workshop in Beauvais. He made his Virgin windows in 1540, which depict Theophile’s legend, and around 1560 windows of the upper chancel and nave, among them the famous episodes of Moses’ life.

The stained-glass-artists who restore the windows.

In the 19th century, Didron workshop in Paris and Duhamel-Marette workshop in Évreux, took part in the revival of stained-glass making, and were in charge of the upkeep of the medieval windows of Our Lady’s church. They also made some new windows.

Finally after the Second World War destructions, the stained-glass-artist Pierre Gaudin who took part in the restoration of the windows of the collegiate church, added two new pieces, more precisely for the big window in the chancel.

Max Ingrand, another famous and contemporary stained-glass-artist, made windows representing the Stations of the Cross in the lower nave of Saint Saviour’s church.


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