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The Musicians

Famous musicians or well-known and talented organ builders who left their mark on the town.

The painter Eugène Clary (19th century) went blind and devoted himself to music.

Adolphe Sellenick (19th century) was the Music conductor of the Republican Guard; he died in Les Andelys.

Aristide Cavaillé-Coll (19th century), one of the most talented organ builders inFrance. He built the beautiful organ that looks over the central nave of the collegiate church. Its sounds delight the audience during the brilliant concerts organised by the association “Les Amis des Églises”.

In his Andelysian factory Léon Dumont built a sort of a harmonium, which was a good and cheap instrument and could be bought by poor churches: the Harmoniphrasé. Then he built a sort of organ with special resonance chambers: the Médiophone Organ. He was very successful. He died in 1888 and the activity of his factory stopped a short time later. One of his creations is on display at the Nicolas Poussin Museum.


Musiciens_orgues_collegiale Musiciens_Jacques_IBERT Musiciens_orgues_Edgar_Parrault Musiciens_harmonium_Musee_Nicolas_Poussin


Jacques Ibert, at the beginning of the 20th century, frequently stayed in les Andelys. He composed some of its main works in Longuemare, a neighbouring hamlet : “Divertissements”, “Le Roi d’Ivetot” and “Le chevalier errant”. The Music and Dance school of Les Andely is called by his name.