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La Normandie s'ouvre à vous
Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
Château-Gaillard Seine et Nature Arts

The River Seine and the cliffs

Les Andelys is located on one of the most beautiful bends of the River Seine in Normandy.

While many barges sail up or downstream daily at a busy rate because the river is an essential commercial link between Paris and Le Havre, the cruising boats on the contrary stay in Les Andelys for a couple of hours to give their passengers the opportunity of a nice tour of this lovely place dominated by the Château-Gaillard.


La Seine et ses coteaux_fleurs La Seine et ses coteaux La Seine et ses coteaux_parapente la_seine_et_ses_coteaux_plantes


A series of officially FFME (French mountain and rock climbing federation) protected chalk cliffs stand along the river and attract many rock climbers. The rock climbing guide book is on sale at the Tourist Office.

Les Andelys has plenty of footpaths, like GR2 linking Dijon to Le Havre. It meanders and winds around the area, near the Château-Gaillard, down to the river banks and up to the chalk cliffs above Saint Jacques Hospital. It offers breath-taking views of the river and of Le Petit Andely.


Seine et ses coteaux La Seine et bateau de croisières La Seine et falaises La Seine et ses coteaux


Les Andelys is blessed by nature and has exceptional protected zones:

Natura 2000 and ZNIEFF-zone of natural interest for ecology, fauna and flora.

The biscutella Neustriaca as well as Pulsatilla Vulgaris can be only found in the Château-Gaillard area.

This is above all a heritage to protect and preserve and we have in place a nature guide.

We would be grateful if you did not pick flowers on country walks, nor enter the caves, nor  litter the countryside or the rivers.