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La Normandie s'ouvre à vous
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Le Grand Andely

Unexpected treasures in the heart of the Norman Vexin!

It is worth walking along the streets of Le Grand Andely to discover all the traces of its ages old past.

Grand_Andely_Coeur_de_la_villeStart in front of the Gallo-Roman frieze, don’t miss the city walls, go through the Clock Tower arch and make your way to Nicolas Poussin museum, Saint Clotilde’s Fountain and finally visit the gothic Collegiate church.

Nowadays beautiful villas, in the Norman seaside style, as well as brick mansions from the 19th century stand along the Avenue de la République, the main street joining Grand Andely and Petit Andely, on the site of an old fish pond between the two parts of the town.

Le Grand Andely is on the Gambon river and The Grand Rand Canal which flow into the Seine river and on the Paix and the Fontainette brooks which flow into the Grand-Rang Canal. You can have a nice walk along these rivers out of the way of the busy town.

Read more about our heritage in « Along the rivers and streets in Le Grand Andely », a free brochure available at the Town tourist Office.

Despite the destructions of the Second World War Le Grand Andely has kept its treasures in a design from the Fifties: the modern housing shows a cohesive unity full of charm.

Concrete units and local brick offer a colourful contrast which stimulates the architecture of a town that is definitely looking into the future.


grand_andely_panorama Le_Grand_Andely_centre ville Le_Grand_Andely_la_rivière_Gambon Le_Grand_Andely_maison_Dumont_Lelièvre Le_Grand_Andely_le_marché_hebdomadaire Le_Grand_Andely_tour_de_l'horloge Le_Grand_Andely_rue_de_Fontanges Grand Andely Mosaique Musee Nicolas Poussin