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Our Lady’s Collegiate Church in les Andelys

Classified as a Historical Monument since 1840

Its outside architecture invites you to travel through the ages

Impressive gothic building nearly as big as a cathedral.
Exceptional series of stained glass windows dating from the 16th century.
Paintings by Quentin Varin, the first master of a young boy born in Les Andelys: Nicolas Poussin.

History of Our Lady’s Collegiate Church in Les andelys

The different stages of the building

In the 4th century, Saint Space starts to evangelise that part of Normandy which becomes Neustry and later Normandy. In 511, on the place of his burial, Queen Clotilde, the wife of the Merovingian King Clovis Ist, founds a convent for young girls of the noble society. It is destroyed by the Normans in 911.

This is also the place where Our Lady’s Collegiate Church is erected. The works start in 1215-1220 with the edification of the chancel and the west façade and ends 100 years later. Enlargements and improvements start at the end of the 15th century after the Hundred Years War; they end in 1570.

The present Collegiate Church which is the result of four centuries of work shows an amazing contrast between a sober gothic interior compared to the rich and flamboyant exterior on the south side and to the Renaissance setting on the north side. So we can see on one side flames in the windows as well as stone laces and on the other side pilasters and statues in the antiquity style.

Collégiale Notre-Dame des Andelys Collégiale Notre-Dame des Andelys, gargouille Collégiale Notre-Dame, nef côté sud Notre_Dame_vitrail_de_la_Vierge Collégiale Notre-Dame, la nuit Notre_Dame_flanc_nord Notre_Dame_Mise_au_tombeau Notre_Dame_rose_sud

Don’t miss

Our Lady’s is one of the most luxurious churches in the county

The stained glass windows

The visitor is struck by the grace and the gothic harmony of the long nave and the chancel. A series of stained-glass-windows by the master-glaziers of the 16th century, Arnoult de Nimègue and Romain Buron, relate the life of saints, martyrs and apostles. They let the light flow into the church.

The furniture

Some chapels house very beautiful statues: The Entombment of Christ (16th century), Christ with bound hands sculpted in polychromatic stone (15th century) and statues of the patron saint Clotilde, the builder, with a religious building in her hands or at her feet.

On the walls, a painting by Stella and three paintings by a travelling painter called Quentin Varin who may have aroused the painting vocation of a young boy called… Nicolas Poussin.

The mercies which adorned the stalls represent animals, scenes of the daily life and show faults and sins.

The organ loft from 1573 whose wooden panels carved by Etienne Delaune, is classified. They depict Christian virtues, liberal arts, sciences and mythological divinities. The organ is still played during masses and concerts.

Other religious objects from Our Lady’s are on display at the Museum of local History, Nicolas Poussin, (in the nearby rue Sainte Clotilde).

Our lady's Collegiate Church in Les Andelys Virgin with the Baby Jesus Painting by Jacques Stella The organ

Visiting Our Lady’s

Tour without guide

Our Lady’s Collegiate Church is open all year (except during the jumble fair week-end at the beginning of September).

Winter: 9am – 5.30pm

Summer: 9 am – 7pm


Guided group visit

Reservation can be made throughout the year at +33(0)2 32 51 80 27 or +33(0)2 32 51 80 28