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Saint Clotilde’s Fountain

Saint Clotilde’s Fountain is known as a miraculous spring.

Its reputation is linked to its legend.

 The legend

Queen Clotilde, spouse of the Merovingian king Clovis Ist, founded a convent for young girls of the noble society, in 511, on the very spot of the present collegiate church.

 ‘One day, the workers who were building the monastery complained about heat and thirst. Not far from there Queen Clotilde started to pray and her wish was granted: the water from the neighbouring fountain had ‘the power and the taste of wine’ for the workers.


The Miraculous Spring

The water of the fountain was known as being miraculous in the popular imagination and the space in front of the fountain was probably larger than it is now so that the spring was more accessible to the huge crowd of pilgrims coming from the surroundings to get healed of their infirmities when going into the basin. Some healings reinforced the belief in its power.


The spring is supposed to heal skin diseases.

A short time ago Saint Clotilde’s Day was celebrated at the beginning of June for the queen is Les Andelys’ patron saint: masses were celebrated on the stone altar in the covered part of  the place.


Fontaine Sainte Clotilde auvent Fontaine Sainte-Clotilde Fontaine Sainte Clotilde marches du bassin Fontaine Sainte Clotilde statue Sainte Clotilde


Located in Le Grand Andely, in the town centre, near Nicolas Poussin Museum, at the intersection of rue Sainte Clotilde and Boulevard Néhou.

Access to Saint Clotilde’s Fountain is free of charge, every day from 10am to 6pm.