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The Clock Tower called « The Belfry »

Assessed as a Historical Monument since 1933


Standing at the top of the narrow ‘ruelle de l’Horloge’ the Clock Tower overlooks one of the oldest streets in the town and its hands give the inhabitants the daily tempo.



The slated Clock Tower, also called “The Belfry” was built in the first part of the 19th century. It is standing astride the intersection of ruelle de l’Horloge and rue de la Sous-Préfecture and shelters the mechanism of the clock of the former Ste Madeleine’s church destroyed at the time of the French Revolution.

 The wooden structure comes from the former Capuchins convent which can be seen at the top of the rue des Capucins.

If you look closely at the dial, you can see that the fourth hour shows something special: the Roman numeral is made of 4 sticks instead of 1 stick before the V.


Practical information 

Exterior visit only.

The Clock Tower is part of the footpath called ‘Boucle du Bois du Mesnil’. The brochure is available at the Town Tourist Office.


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