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Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
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Le Petit Andely

Around and about through the streets and alleys of  le Petit Andely

Le Petit Andely is firstly a fishing village called “La Cultura”. It extended at the foot of the Château-Gaillard, erected by Richard the Lion Heart at the end of the 12th century to accommodate workers, shopkeepers, craftsmen and innkeepers useful for the construction of the fortress.

Come and stroll along the Seine River and have a peaceful time at the rate of the barges and the cruising boats on the water.


Le Petit Andely Photo Francis Cormon PA_Maisons à pans de bois au Petit Andely 2 PA_Le Petit Andely sous la neige PA_Lupins et Tour Paugé


Look at the dazzling cliffs along the river before going through the streets to Saint Saviour’s Square (Place Saint-Sauveur) on  which Saint Saviour’s church stands circled by half-timbered houses, like a gothic jewel in its case.


St Sauveur chevet Le Petit Andely Vitrail Max Ingrand St-Sauveur Saint_Sauveur, Petit_Andely