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Saint Jacques Hospital

Classified as a Historical Monument since 1864

When a small stopping place becomes a ‘palace’

It is situated in Petit Andely, on the bank of the River Seine, in a green, quiet and picturesque setting.


Historical background

In the 13th century, it is a stopping place for pilgrims on the way to Compostelle.

The building is standing over centuries but in very bad condition: the patient rooms, the chapel, the cloistral buildings and the surrounding wall are falling into ruin.

At the end of the 18th century, when Duke of Penthièvre, grandson of Louis XIV and Madame de Montespan, became Lord of Andely, he rebuilt a building, designed by the architect Gambier, worthy of himself and of his power.

The works lasted four years and the magnificent opening ceremony took place on September 27th 1785.


Hopital Saint Jacques2 Hôpital Saint Jacques au Petit Andely Hopital Saint Jacques et bords de Seine L'Hôpital_Saint_Jacques_détail_Petit_Andely


Today Saint Jacques Hospital is an old people’s home which has been extended and has around 230 beds.

This building can be seen from the banks of the River Seine and overlooked upon from the cliffs on footpath GR2: the view of the dome is amazing.

Only pensioners are allowed to hear mass in the chapel. Therefore it can only be visited on special occasions like the “European Heritage Days” in September.

 This beautiful building is one of the highlights of your walking itinerary ‘along rivers and streets in Le Petit Andely’. Ask for the leaflet at the Town Tourist Office and have a nice walk!