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La Normandie s'ouvre à vous
Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
Château-Gaillard Seine et Nature Arts

The Banks of the River Seine

A peaceful place in a charming setting

Their names are famous, Quai Signac, Quai Grimoult, Quai Enguerrand de Marigny, and recall the richness of the artistic and historical past of Les Andelys.

Located in Le Petit Andely, the banks of the river Seine are lined with a large grassy strip with a few tables so that you can have a nice picnic near the river at the foot of Château-Gaillard.

You can see preserved old houses with a view of the river as you are strolling along the walk-way to Saint-Jacques Hospital topped by a dome from the 18th century.

Bords de Seine Le Petit-Andely Photo Francis Cormon Petit Andely2 Peti-tAndely dans la brume

The starting point of the footpath ‘Boucle de la Mare Marion’ is near the hospital. The brochure is available at the Tourist Office.

The more experienced walkers can walk up the hill and stroll along the GR2 path; they will enjoy a breath-taking view of the bends of the River Seine.

Fete Printemps Fleurs 2012 La Seine et le pont au Petit andely2 petit-andely-dans-un-cadre-de-feuilles.jpg

Here is also one of the six impressionist itineraries in Normandy.

It is named “Gardens”. Near the water an information sign shows “Sailing in small boat in Les Andelys” by the painter Henri Lebasque that invites you to set up your easel by the river.

The river banks are also very busy when they are the scene of multicoloured events like the Spring Festival or a summer event like the famous Medieval Camps in Les Andelys.