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La Normandie s'ouvre à vous
Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
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Les Andelys, a Norman land

Norman and proud of it

Between the Andelle, the Seine and the Epte Rivers, the treaty signed in Saint-Clair-sur-Epte created the Duchy of Normandy in 911, this Vexin territory still shows the imprints of history.

The king of France, Philip Augustus and his vassal, Richard the Lion Heart, King of England and Duke of Normandy quarrelled over this strategic site with the  River Seine at stake, for it offered the French Royal fleet an ideal way to invade Normandy and then Rouen.




Richard and Philip signed different treaties and among them the Issoudun Treaty in December 1195 which stipulated that Andeli, a territory belonging to the Rouen Archbishop, was a neutral town that should not be fortified. Richard the Lion Heart did not respect the rules of the treaty and decided to build Château-Gaillard in 1196 on a place belonging to Andeli.

Shortly after Richard’s death, Philip Augustus seized the fortress and later the Duchy of Normandy in 1204.


Tour de la Monnaie et forteresse


In the 14th and 15th centuries, and during the Hundred Years War, Les Andelys and its fortress were again at stake in the battles between the French and the English armies.