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The Nicolas Poussin Museum

Let’s discover the history of Les Andelys in an 18th century setting

Musée Nicolas Poussin, Les AndelysThe Nicolas Poussin Museum is set in an old 18th century mansion and tells the town history from the Prehistoric era to the Industrial activities of the 20th century.

The collections on display are made up of very different pieces about Fine Arts, decorative arts, archaeology, industrial history and local history.

The museum also shows a painting by Nicolas Poussin called “Coriolanus being implored upon by his family”.  This masterpiece reminds us of the local origin of the greatest French painter of the 17th century, born in Villers, a hamlet in the neighbourhood, and whose name was given to the museum: Nicolas Poussin.

Each room depicts a particular theme to show the richness and the variety of the local heritage:

  • The religious heritage
  • The collections linked to the Duke of Penthièvre
  • Decorative glass made by the Andelysian factory: Holophane
  • Paintings from the Rouen School of  Art
  • Gallo-Roman and archaeological artefacts.

The Nicolas Poussin museum also houses temporary exhibitions about other local themes or highlights the work of contemporary artists.


Musée Municipal Nicolas Poussin Musée Nicolas Poussin Mosaïque 3e siècle Musée_Nicolas_Poussin_Coriolan Musée Nicolas Poussin Saint-Denis l'Aéropagite couronné par un ange Musée_Poussin_pots_a_pharmacie


Special free game-booklets are given at the entrance to 6-12 year-old children so that they can discover the museum. During the school holidays families are also invited to the museum for artistic workshops or treasure hunts.

In drawing workshops adults can practise charcoal and red chalk drawing in front of pieces from the museum collections.

Our staff welcomes school groups for special activities according to the different class levels.

For further information, please click on the link  The Nicolas Poussin Museum.


Opening times : March 26th to November 1st . Every day except on Tuesdays. 2pm – 6pm.

Entrance fees  (in cash or voucher) : Full ticket 3.20€, reduced ticket 1.60€.Combined ticket (Museum and Château-Gaillard) 5€.

Contact : +33 2 32 54 31 78