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A Nuns Cistercian Abbey

Classified as a Historical Monument

Our lady’s of Fontaine-Guerard abbey

This Cistercian abbey of nuns is a jewel of the Anglo-Norman architecture of the 13th century that time seems to have forgotten. This abbey is located 25 kilometres south east from Rouen, in a protected environment in the valley of Andelle at the foot of a miraculous source.

With a detailed leaflet, you can discover the ruins of the abbey church, the conventual building with the chapter house, the scriptorium and the dormitory with a beautiful framework. Don’t forget the medieval gardens.

Booklets with games for children

Exhibitions, concerts, events are proposed throughout the tourist season.


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Open Season: from Friday April 29th to Sunday October 2nd 2016

Parking: cars and buses

May: Sundays and bank holidays between 2pm and 6pm

June: Sundays from 2pm and 6pm

From 3rd July to 28th August: everyday 4pm – 8.30pm except on Mondays

Web site:

Adress: Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontaine Guérard, CD 714, 27380 RADEPONT

From September to 2nd October: Sundays and heritage days from 2pm and 6pm


Telephone: +33(0)6 86 08 04 67


Cliquer pour connaître l’ensemble du programme

Saturday 25th june 20h30