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La Normandie s'ouvre à vous
Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
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Our visits

With or without a guide our visits reveal the treasures of the town.

The artistic, religious, civil and military heritage of Les Andelys is full of secrets that our guides are ready to share with you.

The Nicolas Poussin Museum

The Nicolas Poussin Museum offers its visitors a range of activities: temporary exhibition, tours without guide and artistic workshops.

 Fees of the different activities

Nos visites salle archeologique Musee Nicolas Poussin Nos visites Promenade aux Andelys Nos visites visite guidée de l'église Saint-Sauveur Nos visites visite guidée du Château Gaillard

The town

To discover the sights of the town, there are two possibilities:

Come to and ask for the free leaflets “Along rivers and streets in Le Petit Andely” and “Along rivers and streets in Le Grand Andely” at the Municipal Tourist Office, then follow the markers on the pavements and have a nice walk through the town.


Visitors from everywhere come and visit  Château-Gaillard, the famous Anglo-Norman fortress, with or without guide.

Come and follow our guides through the upper and the lower courts to learn about the anecdotes and the main events in the history of these ancient walls.

Fees for  individual visitors :

Visit without guide (bailey et dungeon) : 3.20€

Schools, Students,  retired people with Carte Vermeil , unemployed people, large families: 2.70€

Andelysians, - 10 years old children with their parents and disabled people : free

Combined ticket Château-Gaillard + Musée Nicolas Poussin : 4.50€

Guided tour : 4.50€.

Guided tours for groups : contact the Municipal Tourist Office for more information or bookings : +33(0)2 32 54 41 93.