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Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys Les Andelys
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Outdoor activities

 Fond of cycling, climbing, swimming, walking and paragliding, Les Andelys is the place to be.

The town is equipped with an outdoor swimming-pool, surrounded by a large and green area, with an overwhelming view of Château-Gaillard. It is open from the beginning of May to the end of August.

Two cycling tracks cross the town, a pleasant means of transport to see the Les Andelys heritage sites.

Les Andelys can also offer climbing on its officially protected cliffs: the topographical guide is on sale at the Tourist Office, ensuring a completely safe ascent (make sure you have the equipment!)


Activites de pleine nature piscine découverte et tennis Activites pleine nature A velo au Petit Andely Activites_pleine_nature_anémone Activités pleine nature Paramoteur Photo Francis Cormon

The natural heritage of the town is revealed via its local footpaths or the national GR2 footpath marked for your safety and ease of use.

Ask for three brochures at the Tourist Office:

Boucle Richard Cœur de Lion (9,5km)

Boucle de la Mare Marion and Circuit du Thuit (9km) + (5km)

Boucle du Bois du Mesnil (4,5km)

Saint-Jacques and Château-Gaillard chalk cliffs are protected zones. They are natural areas with an exceptional biodiversity. Walks and activities are organized by The Eure General Council and are free of charge. The brochure is available at the Tourist office.

Go paragliding above the countryside  and enjoy a breathtaking view of  the bends of the  River Seine.

If you fancy a boat trip on the river Seine, just click on the link!